Sky offers six exclusive Entertainment Packs

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Leading digital TV provider in the UK, Sky has brought to its customers an exclusive line up of TV entertainment packs. Switching over to Sky from your old television cable gives you a number of benefits. Sky offers you various entertainment packs and you can select the most preferable one you choose to view. That’s not all, the digital TV from sky gives you the perfect clarity and quality which every television viewer expects from its provider.

The various entertainment packs offered by Sky include Variety Pack, Music Pack, Knowledge Pack, News & Events Pack, Children’s Pack and Style and Culture Pack. Customers can also opt for one or more pack from among them. Apart from this, Sky also provides Sky Movies pack and Sky Sports pack. These amazing packs are filled with enjoyable and entertaining channels of their respective packs.

Prospective customers who wish to join with Sky, may avail one of the offers that include SkyTV, SkyHD and SkyTV and broadband. SkyTV offer includes an entertainment pack, free sky box and an exclusive M&S voucher. SkyHD offer includes free broadband calls, an exclusive M&S voucher and free SkyHD box. Whereas, SkyTV and broadband offer includes upto 20mb speed of sky broadband, free SkyBox and an exclusive M&S voucher.

As and when you wish to sign up with Sky, you are also entitled for free sky offer codes which enable you to get sky connections at affordable prices than regular ones. These codes help you get huge discounts on your purchases from Sky.

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New Highlights of Standard Sky Box

The new Standard Sky Box is here to offer you its delightful services at your fingertips. If you become a Sky customer by purchasing this Standard Sky Box, you are sure to experience bunch of surprises by Sky. This Box is a marvel of technology and enhances your age old cable TV viewing to a digital experience, which you may only experience with Sky. The features this Standard Sky Box comes with are numerous and effective to you in every way.

Starting from basic feature that you will now be able to record live TV without any hassles. The scenes you missed from the TV shows or even a dialogue, will be recorded at your fingertips. Plus, if you are busy answering calls or doorbells, you do not have to miss your shows as Standard Sky Box features and allows you to pause and rewind live TV without any efforts. If you buy Standard Sky Box you are also entitled for an M&S voucher worth 100 pounds, to help you save on your shopping too.

The interactive section allows you to enter a world of virtual games, interactive programs which will add to your dose of entertainment. The on screen guide allows you to view top favorite channels viewed for ease in browsing the channels. Lastly, the EPG scheme on your TV allows you to watch your favorite show on your favorite channel by reminding you of the same. So, switching over to Standard Sky Box from your cable TV gives you numerous advantages you would ever wish for.

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Amazing features of the Sky Plus Box

You couldn’t have asked for more, Sky offers you Sky Plus Box with its varied features and impressive specifications. With it, you get a great TV viewing experience in digital set up, which you won’t find in your old cable TV. Not only this, you get a world of interactive programs, games, live TV and video on demand feature too. Talking about feature, Sky Plus Box has numerous features, so that you be entertained even when you switch on the TV in middle of the night. The guide which you find on-screen is there to help you find your way to full fledged entertainment.

The Sky Plus Box has some other interesting features too, for instance you now will be able to record your favorite TV serial or the match you missed or even a dialogue or scene which you missed from your favorite show. If you had never before heard of pausing and rewinding live TV, then you may now experience it with Sky Plus Box which allows you to do so. Yes, this all is possible with the new Sky Plus Box that too in high definition viewing.

It also gives you a parental control key to prevent your kids to watch non recommendable stuff over the TV. The HD box which you get, is a sleek and modern designed marvel which will give your TV and drawing room an experience of that of a movie theatre. The channels you are offered are of premium entertainment pack which includes channels from knowledge pack, news pack and variety pack.

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Sky Broadband Offer Codes

Monday, March 7, 2011
Not many people know that Sky TV services are also providing one of the best broadband services. If you want up to 20 Mb broadband and a great browsing experience, you should not miss out on the Sky Broadband offers. If you are a Sky customer, you will have to pay no additional fees for this wonderful broadband service.

Just log on to the Internet from your office or cyber café and check out the Sky Offer Codes website. Sky Broadband Offer Codes are easily available from this website. In addition to the broadband service, Sky customers can also avail phone services. People who do a lot of uploads to the internet may have a bit of disappointment because the upload speed offered is up to 1.3 Mb. However, when you compare the cost of broadband and the services offered by Sky, you will not mind the upload speed at all.

If you are Sky Broadband service customer who is joining this service online, then you should not forget to avail the Sky broadband offer codes. By using the Sky broadband offer codes, you can enjoy additional advantages that Sky offers. Most Sky TV customers have given positive feedback for the services offered to them. As compared with the other TV service providers, Sky TV is way ahead. Sky TV gives high priority to customer needs and adapts to the changing requirements of the customers.

You can visit the Sky TV website for more details and offers. If you have some other concerns, you can contact the customer care by phone or by e-mail. When you present a query, you will surely get a quick response.

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