Monday, February 28, 2011
So it is more or less official then, leading broadband provider Sky is well on its way to grab hold of ownership in The Cloud. This would ensure that that the provider smoothly manages to get more and more of customers into its subscribers list. Wifi has become increasingly famous and got the attraction of the crowd. This is for the sheer reason that people get access to decent speeds of wireless internet when they are out of their homes and for free. The mobile broadband or 3G factor also doesn’t come into play here. Most vote wifi higher then 3G as of now when looking at the overall efficiency it provides. This is also where most of the cable and broadband operators have also started to invest big time on wifi hotspots.

BSkyB with its Sky Broadband Unlimited package is definitely a big hit with the crowd. This is considering that it offers great internet speeds and unlimited downloads with reasonable pricing to go with it. But now to add more to Sky Broadband Unlimited comes the factor of wifi which is also what people would like. The current boom of smart phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices that are compatible with wifi is only going to boost things further.Since Sky has the backing of Rupert Murdoch who has powerful stakes in the company, it is bound to soar higher and higher with time. This is even as the company is pitted against another giant BT which comes with its BT Openzone . Incidentally even this has a partnership with The Cloud. Other biggies like Virgin Media and Vodafone (working on its potentially revolutionary SureSignal femtocells) are also going to enter the game and big time at that.

Thus Sky, even as its Sky Broadband Unlimited does extremely well seeing an ever increasing number of customers each passing day, is now making sure it has its strong roots in place underground when it comes to wifi. The Cloud has a brilliant network of about twenty two thousand hotspots in the United Kingdom alone. This is ever since its year of establishment back in 2003. For once, Sky will definitely thrive on this furthermore even as giving efficient and great wifi services to its subscribers.

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