Thursday, February 24, 2011
The spread of 3D TV in the whole of United Kingdom has been decent enough. If at all, the only thing that is stopping a majority of the population from opting for this platform is that the 3D TV sets come very heavily priced. They are a luxury that only the rich few can afford. This is even as a major part of UK is still having a tough time dealing with their finances. In a recent statement, Sky made it clear that it has as many as seventy thousand and counting sky 3d tv customers. This is one impressive figure looking at how otherwise it has been quite difficult to find buyers for 3D.

The chief engineer of Sky owner BSkyB, Chris Johns, spoke of how they had estimated that a good 140,000 British homes would have 3D TV by the year end of 2010. While Sky itself thought that the final tally of figure, as far as sky 3d tv customers were concerned, would thus be lesser then seventy thousand. On the whole however, looking at the number of sky 3d tv customers as have been garnered yet, this is not a bad figure after all. In the mean while Sky HD subscriber base reached the solid figure of 3.5m. This means that HD still dominates the market as a whole. But 3D cannot be counted out as non happening and obsolete. On the over all, it is again Sky that stays on top with its phenomenal 10.1m subscribers. Of its competitors, there is virgin media which also offers a 3D channel. But then looking at the subscribers, as compared with Sky, they are far lesser in number. To sum it up again, almost half of the 3D TV users in UK are sky 3d tv customers.

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